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Did you know, your unit can have a Friends of Scouting presentation in November or December? Then, if you reach your goals you can benefit from it for an entire year! If your Pack/Troop/Crew raises an average of $34/active Scout you will receive FREE rank badges from the Council for the rest of the year​ . Or for an average of $50/active Scout you will recieve FREE rank badges AND advancements All Friends of Scouting donations stay right here in Buffalo Trace Council to help local Scouts/families​ Friends of Scouting donations provide: -Financial assistance for families with need-registration, uniform, and camp scholarships​ -Training and resources to leaders -Support and upkeep of Eykamp Scout Center and Old Ben Scout Reservation -Accident and sickness insurance for all registered Scouting members. -Affordable activities for youth-Cub Scout Day Camp, Camporees, Merit Badge Universities, etc. -Outreach programs for youth in poverty and youth with special needs -Recruitment materials to support existing units-flyers, yards signs, stickers, New Parent Guidebook, etc. ​ To schedule your unit presentation contact Chris Felton (219) 477-7455

Service Hours Reporting

A Scout does a good turn daily and helps other people at all times.  The Scouts in our district are prime examples of these practices.  Please take some time and log your service hours and show just what all our Scouts did for their community this year!  To log service hours you will need your unit ID (you can get from your Scout Center) and see below for more information:



Serving Edwards, Gibson, Knox, Lawrence, Richland, and Wabash Counties

                             District Associate: Jessica Haase, 618-262-3119, Email:

                           District  CommissionerChad Hawkins, Email:

                     District Assistant Commissioner: Jonathan Yochum, Email:

                    District Nominating Chair: Bill Marsh, Email:

                   District Advancement Chair: Vacant

                  District Membership Chair: Sarah Will, Email:

                 District FOS Chair: Justin Schrader, Email:

                District Popcorn Chair: Tempera Hanes, Email:

              District Eagle Board Chair: Bill Marsh, Email:

Click here to see the Eagle Scout Requirement.

Lincoln Heritage

Lincoln Heritage

Serving Dubois, Perry, Pike, Spencer, and Warrick Counties (exempt Newburgh)


 District Executive: Ryan Abbott, 315-247-1180, Email:


                                     District Vice Chair: Vacant

                                    District Commissioner: Joe Keller, 812-774-3458, Email:

                                  District Membership Chair: Candance Nance,

                                 District FOS Chair: Doris Gries 

                                District Popcorn Distribution: Vacant

                               District Eagle Board Chair: Jadd Miller, 812-639-1202, Email:

Click here to see the Eagle Scout Requirement.

Native Trails

Native Trails

Serving Gallatin, Posey, Vanderburgh ,White, and the Newburgh Area

District Executive: Greg Hager  812-423-5246 x2214, Email:


                                 District Chairperson: Tonya Binney,  812-573-7415, Email:

                                District Commissioner: Edwin Cahill, 310-345-4643, Email:

                               District Program Chair: Adam White, 812-618-8234, Email:

                              District Advancement Chair: Carmen Stoen, Email:

                             District Activities Chair: Sam Taylor,  Email:

                            District Camping Chair: Tom Burnett, 812-401-6546, Email:

                           District Membership Chair: Tonya Albright, Email:

                          District Popcorn Chair: Carmen Stoen, 812-774-8768, Email:

                         District Training Chair: Ted Stoen, 812-319-1148, Email:

Click here to see the Eagle Scout Requirement.

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