Scouting at Home

Keep on Scouting during this time of social distancing. There are many activities Scouts can do with their families or by themselves.

Leaders can take this time to assign rank work to their Scouts. Older Scouts can also work on merit badges (with their Scoutmaster's permission) by communicating with merit badge counselors over the phone, by email, or by videoconferencing.

IMPORTANT Youth Protection policies still apply when conducting meetings or communicating with Scouts virtually. Parents must be copied on all emails and text messages. Phone calls or videoconferences with Scouts need to include at least two adults.

Adventures To Work On At Home

Lion: Animal Kingdom, Build it Up, Knock it Down, Gizmos and Gadgets, I'll Do it Myself, Pick My Path, Ready Set Grow

Tiger: Backyard Jungle, My Family's Duty to God, Tiger Bites, Curiosity, Intrigue, and Magical Mysteries, Family Stories, Sky is the Limit, Stories in Shapes, Tiger Safe and Smart, Tiger Tales

Wolf: Paws on the Path, Adventures in Coins, Code of the Wolf, Digging in the Past, Findng Your Way, Germs Alive, Grow Something, Motor Away, Paws of Skill

Bear: BALOO the Builder, Bear Claws, Fellowship and Duty to God, Paws of Action, Bear Picnic Basket, Make it Move, Roaring Laughter, Robotics, Super Science, A World of Scound

Webelos/Arrow of Light: Duty to God and You, First Responder, Adventures in Science, Art Explosion, Aware and Care, Build My Own Hero, Engineer, Fix It, Game Design, Looking Back, Looking Forward, Maestro, Moviemaking, Project Family

Venturing Resources

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Activities to do:
  • Plan and cook a meal for your family
  • Hold a virtual gaming meet. Or use Kahoot to host an online trivia game
  • Offer assistance in helping the needy
  • Post examples of how Scouts are helping the community on social media.